75mm venturi

75mm venturi

75mm venturi for absorption with 3 nozzles



With the water jet suction apparatus (manufactured by CASUMA, SA in three sizes, corresponding to internal diameters of 50 and 75mm.), Based on the principle of depression caused by water released at high pressure, a high performance and simplicity element is available to replace centrifugal aspirators for the pneumatic transport of aggregates and the complicated suction pumps for sludge and porous products with advantage.

Companding adequately the type of material to be lifted or transported, r nthe model of vacuum cleaner CASUMA, SA And the pump equipment, hoses and nozzles, a water outlet velocity of 500 m / sec can be achieved; and gaps of up to, 1 r n95 per 100.

The theoretical elevation height, for materials with specific gravity 1, is 10 m; with a vacuum of 100 per 100. The height depends on the specific weight and the viscosity of the material, so for very pasty materials it is recommended to add water to the product, thus being able to easily reach elevation heights of seven to eight meters.

For aggregates or loose products (sands, stones, grains, shavings), heights of up to 15 meters can be achieved, provided that the product is emulsified with air.

The suction pipes Drive, both rigid and flexible, must not present sudden changes of direction or crushing, and will be mounted with a small

Although it is difficult to formulate exactly the characteristics of the installation from the conditions of the material (specific gravity, viscosity, etc ...), can be given, as a general rule, in a 3: 1 ratio (three parts of solid material, one part of the entrained liquid).

In Table 1, collect the water flows and the product flows of drag, as well as its relation, for nozzle dimensions and preset pressures, in the two cases of aspiration and impulsion for a height of 8 meters.